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What type of phone service is available


We offer three different ways for you to stay in touch while overseas:

   1. Local country service
   2. World service
   3. 'Around the world' satellite service

Local country service
- Choose a phone number based in your local country.
- Local service is available in England, Japan, and Switzerland.
- Your cellular phone still works in more than 100+ countries!

World service
- Choose a phone number based in England or Switzerland.
- Your phone still works in more than 100+ countries!
- And if you need coverage in more than 175 countries/areas of the world, we can provide that as well. Click here to have extended coverage information emailed to you.

'Around the world' satellite service
- This service allows you to stay in touch when other means fail or simply aren't reliable.
- By using your small, hand-held satellite phone, you simply point it up to the satellite and
  worldwide communication becomes easily available - from the top of Mt. Everest (29,028 ft.)
  to the bottom of Death Valley (-282 ft.).

- To inquire about a satellite phone, fill out the rental reservation form. We'll email or call you back with the full range of rental rates.
- Rental rates are surprisingly inexpensive: starting at $99 per week for the handset and $1.99/min to any phone in the world.
- Even more convenient, you receive a U.S. based phone number that is reachable with two-stage dialing.

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