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step 2. Phone type and rental overview (U.S.A.)      Phone type and rental overview (U.S.A.):     flag of U.S.
Our fleet of cellular phones include the latest products from Motorola (StarTAC, MicroTAC and other flip phones), OKI, QualComm (CDPD digital cellular ), Ericsson (with data capabilities), Nortel, Nokia and Sagem

Daily and weekly rates start at $3.99 per day with airtime as low as $1.25 per minute depending on the rental plan. Ask your rental agent how you can qualify to have your equipment rate waived! Fill out the Online Order Form to start the rental process.

  • $39 per week to rent the phone.
  • Then, $1.25 to $1.75 per minute for U.S. airtime (includes local and long distance calls within the U.S.)
  • Incoming international rates vary depending on country. Please ask your rental agent about specific rates (ask on the Online Order Form below).
    The fine print:
  • Add 9.75% surcharge to the above rates, plus one-time $12.50 activation charge.
  • Credit card deposit is $250 if U.S. address, and $500 for international addresses.
  • U.S. roundtrip $19 for second day air.
  • We ship to hotel or business addresses in the U.S. only (Customs restrictions prevent us from shipping overseas).
  • Unfortunately, we can not ship to airports (due to too many of our customers not being able to get the phone in time).
Fill out the Online Order Form to start the rental process.

What does that include?
A top quality wireless phone, 2 charged batteries, a desk charger, a vehicle adapter if requested, 3 minutes of free airtime on a debit card, all in a leather carrying case. Each phone includes an international debit card which can facilitate wireless calls to overseas locations while roaming. This is something U.S. carriers do not permit without this type of card.
What is the difference between Analog and Digital?
They each have advantages. Analog (cellular) in America (USA and Canada) has the broadest coverage area and offer the greatest convenience when traveling. Digital (cellular) phones typically offer more talk time with more efficient batteries, and have caller ID for most incoming calls.
I'm arriving in Miami from London tomorrow. How can I get a phone?
Fill out the Online Order Form. Our delivery agent will contact you for the credit card information and fax you a copy of the rental agreement. A phone will be delivered to your hotel or office address as quickly as next day. Our delivery agent uses UPS for fast reliable service.
Where do these phones work?
Most major American (and Canadian) cities and major highways now have some sort of wireless phone coverage. For details on PCS and CDMA digital coverage, send us email.
Maybe I just need a pager....
Our pagers function in the USA, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Pages can be received from anywhere in the world. When rented with a phone, our pagers rent for only $19.95 for up to a month. Prices vary when rented without a phone. Ask your rental agent for details.
Online Order Form.



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