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Privacy Rights Statement


1a. WorldRoam.com Corporation. does not sell your email address or other information.

1b. We are committed to securing your information from unauthorized use. Note that we DO NOT ask for your credit card information online! After you place a rental order with us, our delivery agent contacts you and verifies your request and at that time asks you for your credit card number and verifies with the issuing bank your billing and credit card address information. We do this to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards.

2. With one exception, our website pages currently do not use cookies. The one exception to this is when you submit a form (such as the rental reservation form), the form submission software wants to 'plant' a cookie. Since we don't use cookies, feel free to say 'no or cancel' if your browser informs you that a cookie is being 'set'. Again, we don't use cookies, so you can tell the browser not to accept a cookie.

3. In order to improve the user experience, as well as optimize server load balancing, we may transparently collect browser-submitted information about your IP address and browser agent. Additionally, we may also collect information from log files for referring URL. Another purpose for this data collection is to feed our automated fraud detection and alerting mechanism.

4. If you have questions about our Privacy Rights Statement and our policy, we encourage you to send us


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