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This form is for pick-up in Australia only. If you wish to pick-up your phone in the U.S., click here (different rates apply, since U.S. pick-ups are for our World Service, which uses a European phone number, rather than an Australian one).

After receiving your reservation, our delivery agent will phone, email, or fax you to confirm your reservation, or if any other further information is required. You may cancel or change your reservation at any time.

(Please note that for your protection, we do not ask for your credit card number on this form and it is not transmitted over the public Internet. Instead, our delivery agent will follow your instructions (shown below) in contacting you to obtain your credit card information.)

Thank you for your business! We welcome your comments. Email your comments directly to our general manager.

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I will phone it in to 011-61-2-9555-1125
I will email it (not recommended for security reasons)
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