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Frequently asked questions:


Q. Why can't I find a phone number on your website?
A. In order to keep our rates low and to provide the best possible customer support, we use several worldwide delivery agents.
Please click anywhere on this line, tell us what country you're interested in, and we'll send you the proper, toll-free phone number for our customer care department.

Q. Why can't I use my U.S. cell phone overseas?
A. There are several reasons:

  • Because most U.S. phones use a different technical standard -- known as AMPS/CDMA/TDMA -- instead of the international standard, which is called GSM. Tell me more.
  • Additionally, for those few U.S. phones that use GSM, international usage is frequently disabled. The phone company does not want to get into a battle with you: Imagine your surprise if your phone were stolen and taken overseas. You could be stuck with a huge bill and the phone company would not have a happy customer on their hands as they press you to pay for this unexpected bill. And, if you try to get the phone company to turn on this feature, you may find doing so takes more of your time then you'd like - and meanwhile your departure is rapidly coming up.
  • Finally, for those U.S. phones that use GSM, you may discover that they use a different GSM frequency which will not work overseas. Tell me more. Or, contact us for additional information.
Q. But doesn't my PCS phone use GSM?
A. No, PCS phones use a variation of GSM, which is not compatible with overseas GSM. Tell me more.

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